Interactive Business Cards

Why do you hand out your business card?

You give your card to share your contact information. A special and original business card will always beat a standard card. People will remember you and your company!

Combining offline and online has the future. 'Time is short'. People want information immediately. The AR business card is a great way to achieve this. Your card shows the information that is most relevant and people can contact you with the push of a single button. The traditional card combined with the most innovative new technologies.

Humans are visual creatures. Your video pitch, animation, commercial or photo-gallery live on your own business card. Combine this with links to social media and your website. Immediately call or send an email.

To develop your special business card we need some stuff.

  • Send us three of your most favorite pictures. We will check which one is most suitable (‘best trackable’) and will scale accordingly.
  • Furthermore, we need your logo / corporate identity (in EPS format). As an option we can use the logo in combination with the most suitable image.
  • Content: What do you others to see when they check out your card? If you have a production yourself it can probably be used. If you don't have any content, we can advise you and help you develop the content (film, animation, commercial, slideshow, links to data, etc.).

With an Interactive Business Card you'll have a tool which sets you apart from competitors. It generates positive attention and realizes measurable results.

Our Offer

  • 1 Trackable Image
  • Extensive choice of buttons (social media, email, call me, etc)
  • Graphic Design (in PDF format) to be used for all types of printed materials.

The costs of an Interactive Business Card are € 750,- (excl. VAT and excluding content). Changing the content costs € 100, - (excl. VAT) at a time

LazyAnts & What We Do Best

Using 2D and 3D visualisation techniques in combination with a creative commercial attitude to get in touch with your customers in your own unique way! Experiences and sensations are the new keywords.

LazyAnts has a unique way of visualising products, marketing and various forms of communication. An idea translated into a concept. The concept visualized in an image, presentation or film. To achieve the best results we use the newest techniques and products.

  • Visuals: business cards, flyers, brochures, etc
  • Animations/Films: 2D & 3D for YouTube en Vimeo
  • Augmented Reality: stand-alone, iOS, Android
  • Instruction Manuals: online & printed
  • Presentations: Prezi, (one page) websites


Want to know more? Don't hesitate to contact us and we'll let you know what we can do for you!



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